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What is severe periodontal disease?

Q:What is severe periodontal disease? A:Advanced periodontal disease – Gum pockets in excess of 6-7 mm are usually accompanied by bone loss and gum recession. Scaling and root planning will always be performed as the initial nonsurgical treatment. In addition to nonsurgical treatments, the periodontist may recommend surgical treatment to . . . Read more

What is gingivitis?

Q:What is gingivitis? A:Gingivitis/mild periodontal disease – When the gum pockets exceed 4mm in depth, the periodontist or hygienist may perform scaling and root planing to remove debris from the pockets and allow them to heal. Education and advice will be provided on an effective cleaning regime thereafter.   Dr. . . . Read more

Who should treat severe gum disease?

Q:Who should treat severe gum disease? A:Before initiating any dental treatment, a periodontist should extensively examine the gums, jawbone and general condition of the teeth. When gingivitis or periodontal disease is officially diagnosed, the periodontist has a number of surgical and non surgical options available to treat the underlying infection, . . . Read more