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Who is DentalQA? is a dental question and answer website supported by participating dentists dedicated to educating and connecting patients with dentists in their local area. By submitting questions or simply navigating dental topics of interest, visitors are able to obtain answers to many dental concerns and issues from participating dentists. Visitors are then given the option to schedule an appointment with a participating dentist with the added benefit of significant cost savings through Dental Savings Direct, if they choose to visit a participating dental provider.

Affordable, Quality Dental Care

Dental Savings Direct is a dental membership savings plan, which offers  affordable monthly payment options to provide immediate access and affordability to routine preventative dental care. Our simple monthly payment plan budgets your routine dental care in a fashion that provides immediate access without having to save the premiums ahead of schedule or impose a waiting period before benefits begin.

How to Join?

1. Schedule an appointment with a participating dentist.

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2. Agree to the terms of the Dental Savings Direct

We will not charge your credit card until you visit the office and personally accept the Dental Savings Direct (DSD) Plan terms, but we will perform a ‘pre-authorization’ for your DSD savings plan against a valid credit card. We will alert you via email after charging your card if you choose to join. Your dental provider will charge standard fees for any dental services provided during the visit if you choose not to join.

3. Visit the dentist on your appointment date

If you are pleased with the appointment, your participating dentist will charge your credit card to begin your Dental Savings Direct membership. Membership benefits are immediate as soon as your first visit for cleaning and x-rays is scheduled! If you chose not to join Dental Savings Direct, you will be charged the standard rate for your visit.

Benefit Plan Coverage Period

After your initial visit, your credit card will be charged monthly according to the membership plan chosen. All membership plans require yearly commitments. Dental Savings Direct (DSD) is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or other underwriter of health care services. DSD does not reimburse or otherwise pay any portion of any Vendors fees. DSD is not licensed to provide medical services to Members. Members receive discounts through participating dentists contracted with DSD.