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Dental Savings Direct Agreement

Last Revised: 05/1/2023

This Dental Savings Direct Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) is entered into between Dental Savings Direct (“DSD”) on the one hand, and the Member (as registered below) on the other hand, and sets forth the terms upon which the Member has enrolled/will enroll in DSD’s discount and savings membership plan.

1. Effective date of agreement:

The Effective Date of this Agreement shall be the date the Member’s initial payment is collected (hereinafter the “Effective Date”).

2. Term of agreement:

This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and remain in effect for a period of one (1) month. Thereafter this Agreement shall automatically renew every month on the anniversary date of the initial payment until terminated by the Member (“Term”). The enrollment anniversary is one (1) year from the Effective Date. If the Member terminates their monthly membership subscription prior to the enrollment anniversary date, the Member must wait one year from the date of termination to be eligible for re-enrollment. If a member desires to upgrade or downgrade their membership plan, they must wait until one month prior to the enrollment anniversary date.

3. Services:

The term “Services” shall refer to a discount and savings membership plan offered by DSD, Dental Savings Direct.

4. Vendor:

A “Vendor” is defined for purposes of this Agreement as a company, person or healthcare provider/organization which is contracted with DSD (including DSD) and which agrees to offer Members, perpetual or limited discounts and savings for products and/or services rendered.

5. Charges:

The charges/fees payable to DSD consist of recurring monthly changes/fees as follows:

$29.95/month Savings Plan A
$19.95/month Savings Plan B

The Member’s charges/fees are due to DSD on a monthly basis. By enrolling in a membership Member authorizes DSD to bill Member’s designated credit/debit card for the membership plan Member has selected.

The above charges/fees DO NOT include any amounts due to a participating DSD Vendor for any products sold to and/or services rendered to the Member with the exception of the plan benefits (see Membership Discount). For a current list of participating Vendors, Member is directed to:

6. Additional Memberships:

A Member may add one or more additional membership plans at any time at the respective individual charges/fees stated above. If the Member is under 18 years old, the Member’s parent or legal guardian must give his/her consent for Member to be eligible.

7. Renewal Conditions:

This plan will automatically renew as stated in paragraph 3, and the Member’s credit/debit card (VISA, Master Card, etc.) will be automatically charged for the appropriate amount unless DSD is notified of Member’s intent to cancel (see Cancellation Conditions).

8. Cancellation Conditions:

If Member wishes to cancel his/her membership, the Member must contact their participating dental provider at least 15 days prior to their subscription renewal date and provide in writing a termination request. The Member’s monthly subscription fee is non-refundable except where prohibited by law.

9. Termination:

DSD reserves the right to terminate a Member from its discount program for any reason, including non-payment. Following termination of any reason, such Member may potentially NOT be permitted to become a Member again at a later date. Account termination may be permanent, at the sole and absolute discretion of DSD.

10. Membership Benefits:

This discount program is NOT health insurance and DSD does NOT make payments directly to any Vendor for Members. Members are obligated to pay for all products and/or services not included in the plan benefits.

Dental Savings Direct Plan A
$29.95* /month
2x Routine Check-Ups
2x Emergency Exams
2x Regular Cleanings
2x Laser Cleanings**
1x Full Mouth X-Rays
2x Sealants
1x Fluoride Treatments
1x Teeth whitening Custom Fit Trays
30% Dental Care Procedures
20% Participating Specialists
Dental Savings Direct Plan B
$19.95* /month
1x Routine Check-Up
1x Emergency Exam
1x Regular Cleaning**
1x Full Mouth X-Rays
1x Fluoride Treatments
20% Dental Care Procedures
15% Participating Specialists

* Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or savings plan, insurance plan, or finance program** In absence of periodontal disease

Members will receive benefits and discounts from participating Vendors and their benefit plans and offered discounts will vary by Vendor type and the type of product and/or services received. The membership program is administered by:

Dental Savings Direct
17065 Via Del Campo
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92127

11. General Terms:

This program is a discount and savings membership plan. DSD plans are NOT insurance and the savings will vary by provider, plan and zip code. DSD is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or other underwriter of health care services. DSD does not reimburse or otherwise pay any portion of any Vendors fees. DSD is not licensed to provide medical services to Members. Members receive discounts and benefit services from certain Vendors, which have contracted with DSD. It is the Member’s responsibility to verify that the Vendor is a participant in the program. The Member is obligated to pay for all health care services at the time of the Member’s appointment or at point of service. Savings and benefit services are based upon the Vendors usual fees or Member fees. Actual savings will vary depending upon location and specific products or services purchased. Member must verify products or services with each individual Vendor. The discounts contained or referenced herein may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or savings plan, insurance plan, or finance program. All listed or quoted prices are current prices of participating providers and are subject to change without notice to the Member. Any services rendered by a non-participating Vendor will not be discounted. Certain Vendors may, from time-to-time, offer products or services to the general public at prices lower than the discounted prices available through this program and in such event, Members will be charged the lowest price. Vendors are subject to change without notice. DSD has the right at any time to eliminate a Vendor from the respective network in which he/she is associated and may substitute Vendor networks at DSD’s sole discretion. DSD does not guarantee the continued participation of any Vendor. If a Vendor leaves the plan, Member may not receive a discount. Vendors contracted by DSD are solely responsible for the products and/or professional advice and treatments rendered to Members and DSD disclaims any and all liability (unless DSD is the Vendor) with respect to such matters. This membership plan cannot be used in combination with any other discount or dental insurance. DSD is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act.

If Member desires to submit a complaint regarding Member’s membership, the Member must submit his/her complaint in writing to Dental Savings Direct at the following address:

Dental Savings Direct
17065 Via Del Campo
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92127

Any life and health guarantee association does not protect this contract. The program and program administrators are not liable for providing or guaranteeing health services or for the quality of health services rendered.

Copyright © 2023 Dental Savings Direct. All rights reserved. All materials provided by Dental Savings Direct are provided for educational purposes only. Each Member should consult his/her own provider (doctor, dentist, specialist, etc.) regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to each Member’s physical/mental health or symptoms.